Our Programs

    When the time comes to retire your equine partner, it is difficult. It can be an emotional decision to make and you may worry about placing him or her in a place that will provide adequate care, while also recognizing that your horse is special and deserves to be treated as such.

    We understand that while his career may be ending, yours as a rider or competitor may not and the emotions tied to that. And while you are always welcome to visit, you can rest assured that we will give your horse individualized care and attention in your absence.

    Here at ArborBrook Stables, we understand how hard this decision and transition can be. We have created a comprehensive retirement program that will ensure your horse receives an exceptional level of care.

    Our Basic Program includes the following for $400/mo.

    • High quality Eastern Oregon grass hay provided. Grain fed as instructed by horse owner at horse owner’s expense. General supplement provided by us. Any other supplements or special feed provided by horse owner.  Mineral blocks in each stall and pasture.
    • 12x16 matted stalls equipped with slow feed hay racks. Stall fronts have bars and window opening.
    • Stalls cleaned at least one time per day.
    • Two large pasture areas allowing for separation or rotation. 4’ no-climb fencing with single strand hot wire at top.
    • Daily turnout. Horses will be outside as much as possible. During the summer months, this could mean 24/7, depending on the horse. Separation during feedings, if necessary. During winter months, if it is too stormy outside, turnout will be in our 60x120 covered arena, together or separated, as needed.
    • Blanketing as required during the winter. We do require at least one winter blanket per horse, of a minimum 1200 denier. A backup blanket is strongly suggested. Blankets provided by horse owner. Blanket cleaning and repair coordinated by us during the winter and for cleaning in the spring; costs billed back to horse owner.
    • Fly sheets during the summer, if requested. Supplied by horse owner. Fly spray provided by us. Fly masks supplied by horse owner, cleaned as needed by us. Fly treatment supplied by us and applied as needed (SWAT, etc.); feed through fly treatment provided by horse owner.
    • Feet cleaned during winter. Thrush treatment applied if needed. Mud will be removed and baby oil applied.
    • Any vet care needed can be scheduled by us and we will be present to handle your horse. Any vet expenses will be billed back to horse owner. Any treatments for horse will be provided at the rate of $25/hour (foot soaking, wrapping/unwrapping and applying wound care, etc.).



    Due to the normal aging process, horses, as with us humans, tend to have special needs. This may include supplements, special feedings, special food preparation, hand grazing, etc. Because we are a small stable, we have the ability to provide these individualized plans for your retirement friend. Our boarding prices will be based on a sliding scale, depending on your horse's individual needs. 

    We do reserve the right to provide (approved) treats to your horse. We also reserve the right to groom when we desire. Your horse will become part of our family and will be loved, not just boarded.

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