ArborBrook Receives Salmon Safe Certification

    ArborBrook is committed to farming our vineyards in a manner that is ecologically friendly.  We strongly believe that we are stewards of our land and that stewardship creates a responsibility of treating the land with respect and care.

    We are pleased to have earned the "Salmon Safe" certification for 2011. Founded more than a decade ago, Salmon Safe's mission is to transform land management practices so Pacific salmon can thrive in West Coast watersheds.

    The Salmon Safe certification program is focused on management practices in six primary areas: riparian area management, water use management, erosion and sediment control, integrated pest management, animal management, and biodiversity conservation. The standards were developed over a two-year period with biologists, argonomists, and farmers and have been tested in the field at more than 300 farms in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho.

    Today, more than 60,000 acres have been certified Salmon Safe in critical Northwest agricultural watersheds raging from west Marin County in northern California to the Canadian border in Washington state. ArborBrook is proud to join this effort in practicing sustainable farming to ensure the future of our great Pacific Northwest.

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