Here is what Robert Canaga, Oregon Wine and Art Project, had to say about his recent visit to ArborBrook!

    "Last stop of the day was one I did not want to leave. Arbor Brook Vineyards is located just back down the road below Bergstom and just before you get to Adelshiem.
    They have a cat I love to pet, and though he was absent today, I still got plenty of warm fuzzy feelings.
    I was presented with a bottle of their '09 Heritage Cuvee!  I also got to taste the open wines, got to hang around a couple of beautiful women, and got a really good surprise: a taste of the not yet released Vintner's Select '09 Pinot Noir. This is a killer wine and you should get in line NOW for a case of this one.
    I tasted the Croft Vineyard '10 Pinot Gris and the Guadalupe Vineyards '09 Pinot Gris back to back and liked both, but for very different reasons. The Croft Vineyards are over in the coast range just west of Monmouth and because of their location near the Van Duzer Corridor, have a hot day/ cool night balance most of the more northern vineyards don't get. Ripe fruit with lots of lemon and tropical fruits, flowers, and spice in a clean, un-oaked wine. Very tasty and a great hot weather sipper.
    The Guadalupe Vineyards produce a richer grape with more spice and darker notes. The vineyards are in the Dundee Hills AVA and consist of 40-acres owned by Jim Stonebridge and Kathleen Boeve. The soils are silty and sandy marine sedimentary soils instead of the clay Jory soil. Very different than those associated with this AVA.   This version is oaked a bit more than I usually like but it is finished on the lees, is warm and smooth with lots of Oregon pear and vanilla, and all these flavors dance over a velvety smooth mouth feel. Very good wines.
    I think I was a little surprised by the '09 Estate 777 Block Pinot Noir. I am used to a big fruity nose and earthy tones from 777 but this one has so much more going for it. All the usual suspects are there but added on top are cola and anise in a long lasting finish. I love this one.
    But the ending taste was by far the best. I have a rule that I DO NOT DRINK while tasting. Today I broke it. I could not let this one go.
    I will not elaborate on the taste or the glorious nose, or the unusual finish, I will let you come and taste it when it is released. It is worth the trip.

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