Our New Website!

    Welcome to our new and improved website! We are so excited to be working with Max at LVSYS, who has helped us create a website that is much more user friendly and allows us to keep you better informed of what's happening out here at ArborBrook!

    Right now, we're still waiting for some sunshine, as is everyone, so we can grow some grapes! So far, this has been one of the wettest Junes on record. We're way ahead of average rainfall!

    So, what's happening in the vineyard? We are trying something a little new this year... everyone knows about "cropping".  Generally, this is done at lag-phase - half-way through the growing season. This is when we take cluster samples and come up with an average tonage per acre.  We shoot for 2 tons per acre. The extra fruit then gets dropped - "cropping".  This year, we decided to see what the results would be if we cropped at the beginning of the growing season. As it's an experiment, with some risk associated, we did this on one acre of the 777 Block. The risk comes into play if we don't have a good fruit set. The plus side is that the plants will, from the beginning, focus the ripening efforts on that one cluster only. We'll see what happens!

    We've done in-row cultivation, which aerates the soil and ensures consistent moisture to all of the plants, as well as getting out some of those pesky weeds! The vines have been trained to the fruiting wires. Now, we just need some heat so they'll grow that canopy!

    Memorial Day Weekend, and our Invitational Event the Saturday before, were a great success! Our private event saw 400 amazing ArborBrook friends, club members, and case buyers.  The food from Red Hills Provincial Dining was, in a word, spectacular! Dave and I count our blessings that we have such great customers! We thank you all for your loyalty and support and hope that you had as awesome a time as we did!

    For those of you who haven't had an opportunity to meet our new team member, Angelina, please stop by the tasting room and say "hi!" We're open daily from 11 - 4:30 now!

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