Pineapple Semillon Cake Balls

    Pineapple Semillon Cake Balls

    Paired with ArborBrook Klipsun Vineyard “Sydney” Semillon

    Serves 40 - 1 inch balls 

    These are a fun adult version of cake balls that will finish off a dinner party with a smile ~ Angelina

    1 cup dried pineapple

    ¼ cup “Sydney” Semillon

    52 vanilla wafers

    ½ cup confectioners’ sugar

    2 teaspoons corn syrup

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Zest from ½ to a whole lemon

    Pinch of salt

    Lollipop sticks or mini cupcake papers to serve in

    Microwave the dried pineapple and Semillon for 4 minutes at 80%. Pulse the vanilla wafers in a food processor until ground and then add the Semillon pineapple mixture, confectioners’ sugar, corn syrup, pinch of salt, and vanilla, pulse until combined. Form the mixture into 1-inch balls and skewer each with a lollipop stick or place in a mini cupcake paper. Chill until firm, can be made the day before.

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