Dried Figs in Ganache

    Dried Figs in Ganache

    Paired with ArborBrook Vins Limités Estate Pinot Noir

    Each year we only produce 15-20 cases of our Vins Limités from some of our best fruit for the season.  The last few years it has been 100% Dijon Clone 115 and the elegance of the wine amazes me each year. At one of our parties we paired it with a dessert and it was a big hit ~ Angelina

    Dried Mission Figs

    Serve 3-4 figs per a person cut in half from top to bottom so they are bite size and not clumsy to eat, stems removed


    Wax paper


    8oz good quality semisweet chocolate, chopped up

    ½ cup heavy cream

    ½ teaspoon instant coffee

    For the ganache heat the cream and coffee in the top of a double boiler over simmering water until coffee has dissolved.  Add the chocolate and still constantly till smooth and warm. Remove from the burner and prep the figs.

    Prep wax paper on a cookie sheet that you’ll use to place the dipped figs on. Cut the figs from top to bottom in half and remove the stem.  Then place a toothpick in the fig from the top till you go all the way through.  This helps with coating in the ganache and also keeps your guests fingers clean.  Dip the figs in a rolling action in the ganache about ¾ the way up while holding the toothpick.  Turn and roll the fig as you remove it from the ganache and place on the wax paper.  If the ganache coating is not thick enough for your liking wait 5 minutes and let the ganache cool a bit and try again. 

    Can be made in the morning and keep in a cool place till serving.

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