Our Latest Wine Scores

    As a boutique winery, it is sometimes challenging to grab the attention of some of the more well-known and respected wine reviewers. It isn't as easy as one might think. You send in your wine, they taste it and give it a rating. Right? Not always. Wine reviewers are presented with hundreds, if not thousands, of wines to taste and review. Because of that, a small winery shouldn't expect that every reviewer will review all of their wines. We submit our vintage wines when we feel they are showing their best. And cross our fingers that the reviewers will taste them and positively rate them. We began submitting our wines for ratings with the 2005 vintage. With the exception of the 2007 vintage, which we did not submit for reviews, we have been pleased to receive at least one 90 or higher rating on one or more of our wines each vintage.

    One thing to remember when looking at scores: make sure your palate aligns with the reviewer's. Taste some of the wines that each reviewer has scored and see if you agree with their rating. Otherwise, scores aren't going to matter much. Find a reviewer whose palate is similar to yours. Then have some fun exploring new wines.

    Curious about our ratings? Here you go... Wine Scores

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