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    Visit Our Tasting Room

    We invite you to visit our Tasting Room, located at 17770 NE Calkins Lane, Newberg, Oregon, 97132. We're open Monday - Friday, 11:00 - 4:30, and weekends 11:00 - 5:00.

    Our property was originally established in 1866 (thus the name of our Estate Origin 1866 Pinot Noir) by John and Abigail Bird. In 1910, the house and the barn were built by Nels Rothrock. When Dave and Mary purchased the property in 1999, they fell in love with the old barn, which had been converted into a walnut drying facility (at one point, the property was under the name of Black Swan Orchards). As Dave and Mary were more interested in farming grapes than walnuts, and Mary's horses needed a home, they went to work and tore out the nut drying equipment, heating system, and drying racks, and rebuilt some of the beam structure so that horse stalls could be added.

    Upon opening for the first time to the public Memorial Day Weekend, 2005, the tasting room occupied a small room that had been added to the barn sometime in the 1960's and the small area that housed the horse stalls. We were rather cozy for those first couple years until we decided it was time to remodel a bit for some added space! A few walls were taken out, the ceiling raised, a new coat of paint on the walls, and a new tasting bar! The horses were booted out of their stalls (don't worry, they got new "condos" on the back-side of the barn) and the stalls were used for wine storage and other necessities.

    In 2011, we decided that it was, once again, time to add some additional space. We added 28 feet to the back of the barn by tearing down an attached lean-to. This added additional length to the tasting room, two restrooms, a new and improved tasting bar, and a large cold storage wine room. And, by popular demand, the horse stalls remain and are now used as tasting stations during our busy holiday weekends.

    Dave and Mary both feel that wine tasting should be a fun and educational experience. So much of a person's recollection of a wine is tied to the experience they had when they were tasting it. And we believe in providing a great experience! Our tasting room is casual and fun. There's room for the kids to run aound outside. Sitting on our patio sipping some wine in the sunshine is a little slice of heaven. And the vineyard is right there, too. Check out the vines and see what they're up to. Watch bud break and bloom and fruit ripen and the leaves change colors. It's all right there.

    We offer two tasting flights; our regular flight tasting fee is $20, and our reserve flight is $25. Tasting fees are always refundable with a minimum purchase or by joining one of our wine clubs.

    You'll find Dave pouring on weekends and sharing his passion for wine, farming, and many other subjects. Mary also pops in from time-to-time, along with Sophie and Gracie, the ArborBrook Saint Bernards. Sydney, our daughter, is also around, meeting and greeting.

    We hope you'll stop by, say hello, and sip some great wines.

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