Vintage Aging Chart

    We have put together this aging chart for each of the wines we have produced to assist you in determing when the wines will be "most drinkable". As stated on the Chart, this is only a guideline. Each person's palate is different and appreciates varying aspects of a wine. Some palates prefer younger wines, which tend to be more fruit forward and has less integration of the tannins. Other palates prefer older wines, and the integration of the flavor profiles and soft tannins that are generally associated with older, well-aged wines.

    Our cellaring recommendations are also noted on the chart. Bottles should be stored at a consistent temperature not to exceed 55-60º, at an incline so that the corks remain wet. As we cannot control the aging conditions of personal wine storage, we cannot guarantee that the wines will all age in accordance with our Chart. It is simply a guideline for your use.

    We hope it is of benefit to you! If you have any questions regarding aging your wines, when to drink, what to serve with, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact Dave, Mary or Angelina!

    ArborBrook Vintage Aging Chart

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